Full Stack Developer

Elixir, Phoenix, Javascript, EmberJS, SASS enthusiast.


My name is Jérémie Ges, I'm a French Full Stack developer travelling around the world. I have a strong entrepreneur background, I co-created small companies and helped some startups.

I work for customers from different countries (France, America, Greece). I help them to ship great web applications with a nice look & feel.

I’ve been living in Thessaloniki (Greece) for over 1 year and have fallen in love with the culture and the Greek language.


  • Front
  • EmberJS
  • EEx / Haml / Erb / Blade
  • SASS / Csstyle.io / Gridle.org / Bootstrap
  • Bower / NPM
  • Brunch.io (In my opinion better than Gulp / Grunt)
  • JavaScript / CoffeeScript / Qunit / jQuery
  • Back
  • Elixir / Phoenix
  • ExUnit
  • Mix
  • Vagrant
  • Postgres / Mysql
  • Toolkit
  • Trello
  • Git / Github / Bitbucket
  • Digital Ocean
  • Stripe
  • Mailgun
  • Keen.io
  • Mailtrap.io
Here are the technologies I love to work with, I've also worked with others stacks: PHP / Laravel, Python / Flask, Ruby / Rails.



Full Stack Developer

I worked (and continue to work) for various customers in different industries / countries. I’m good at dealing with the front side (UI/UX) and know the importance of being able to adapt myself to any given situation / technology. I pride myself in being able to think through complex systems, anticipate problems, and fix them before they happen.

Baby Sitting Bordeaux (Bordeaux, France)

Founder - Full Stack Developer / Marketing / Support

Baby Sitting Bordeaux is an application to create connections between families and babysitters in the city of Bordeaux, France.

I used Laravel 5.1 and Mysql for the backend. Everything is well tested with PHPUnit. I created some PHPUnit asserts connected to the API of mailtrap.io so I can easily test that emails are being sent correctly.

The CSS part is coded with a modular Sass structure and uses csstyle.io (It looks like BEM without the pain). For the javascript section, I used coffeescript coupled with Gothamjs.io (a side project). The whole front-end is compiled by brunch.io (similar to Grunt / Gulp) with an average time of 100ms.

The application is proudly hosted on DigitalOcean and can be deployed with zero-downtime thanks to deployer (similar to capistrano for PHP).

The whole project (Development / Marketing / Support) is organised with Trello and versioned on Bitbucket.

A new version built with Elixir / Phoenix is coming.

Virtual Safety Inc & Gotham Partners LLC (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Remote Employee - Front-End Developer

Front-end developer in a team of four Ruby on Rails developers. We created three full stack ruby SaaS applications and handled everything from design and planning to deployment.

I personally dealt with the schema of the front-end (Coffeescript / Sass) and wrote most of the front-end code. Had to overcome obstacles such as constantly evolving software requirements based on user’s needs while keeping the code base clean and maintainable.

La Petite Box SAS (Bordeaux, France)

Co-Founder - Front-end Developer

Created a monthly delivery box company with two other associates and one graphic artist. I was the front-end developer, I designed the UI/UX for the interface.

I managed the company for 2 months. My responsibilities included:
- Dealing with our partners to get low prices on our orders
- Manage the stock
- Customer delivery logistics
- Preparation of the boxes

Agence Volt (Bordeaux, France)

Co-Founder - Full Stack Developer

Created a code outsourcing company with one other associate. I created the back-end and the front-end for three big web-projects that were made within one year and stayed scalable despite lots of changes to user stories.

Alcool Arcachon (Bordeaux, France)

Co-Founder - Full Stack Developer / Delivery

In my hometown it was legal to sell alcohol late into the night, but most stores did not stay open late. There was a need that no one was servicing. I teamed up with one other associate and created a web based alcohol delivery service.

We leveraged the power of social media in combination with an easy to use web interface that made ordering alcohol online easier than ordering a pizza.

We started with a Minimum Valuable Product and after seeing success we began growing the usability of the ordering platform.

Aside from improving the website, we created an App that customers could use as well to order from their phones.

The company became very profitable very quickly. We however, found it difficult to grow outside of the local area for legal reasons. After overcoming all the technological challenges we started to grow bored with the business and ultimately sold the company for a nice profit.


I really like to meet new people, just send me "hello" to start!

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